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Thankful For Toasted Ravioli

Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole…toasted ravioli.  These are the things that one thinks about when creating a Thanksgiving menu.  Ok maybe the toasted ravioli is just on our menu. But…

Toasted Ravioli

Friends And Family

After the success of our 1st research and development session, we thought that it was time to share our toasted ravioli with some friends and family.  And with many of our friends going to the Paul…

Toasted Ravioli Trials Round 1

As much fun as it has been to talk about toasted ravioli for the past week, it felt 100 times better to actually get into the kitchen and cook. Our first big decision was the filling….

The Beginning

A blank notebook is incredibly exciting.  It is pure and unadulterated potential.  Blank pages waiting to be filled with your future.  This is almost universally true of any new notebook whether you plan to use it…

Featured on KMOX!

We so excited every time the news of our toasted ravioli journey spreads! We appreciate KMOX taking the time to talk with us.   From there, he’d like “ToaSTL” to evolve into a food truck and maybe a…

Featured on!

We are thrilled to be able to share this article that Feast Magazine wrote about our new adventure! “There’s no doubt toasted ravioli is a St. Louis trademark. For toaSTL, that trademark is everything. Anthony Atencio…

Hello world!

When you’re in Mexico you want tacos and burritos. 🌮🌯 When you’re in Italy, you want pizza and pasta. 🍕🍝 And when you’re in St. Louis, you want provel and toasted ravioli. Why is there no…